Apr 28, 2007

The Two That Got Away

Duby and I went out to the same old spot at Banner Marsh in search of bass, what we caught were a couple "one that got away" stories. Here they are, believe them if you want.

I was finesse fishing a 5" rubber worm up near the bank when the line got heavy. I mean HEAVY. It didn't take long to get the beast close to the boat, and I realized I had a musky hooked. We fumbled around in my tiny boat trying to get my tiny bass net around the fish - no luck. Then in a split second, the line got light and I watched it swim away with my lure hanging from it's mouth.

Later that day, Duby hooked into another musky. After our experience with the first one, I wasted no time reaching down and grabbing it by the gills. I pulled it up, we admired it a few seconds and we began making arrangements for a picture. I handed him the fish and what happened next was a true tragedy. The fish squirmed and Duby dropped it. One bounce off the boat and splash! Based on what we could remember from when I was holding the fish we believe it was 40-42". We did take a picture after it was all over, you can still see the splash marks on his shirt. The poor guy boated a nice musky and had no proof other than a cut on his finger.

All in all it was a great day. We hooked into two muskies, and even had one in the boat. All the while we were looking to catch some bass; I know plenty of musky angler's would would love a day like that.

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