Feb 10, 2008

Jig and Pig Fishing

March is fast approaching, and I woke up this cold Sunday morning with fishing on the mind. It didn't help when I watched a couple bassing shows while I drank my coffee. As most experienced anglers know, March is a good time in central Illinois to hook into the footballs out there. While the overall quantity is low, the quality and size of fish caught in the spring are much better than the rest of the year. The consensus is that jig and pig is the best way to coax lunkers out of their cold water stupor, but I've never had much luck at all in the early spring. This is the year I change that, so I decided to start with some research. I Googled "Jig and Pig" and opened up the first link.

Jig and Pig Fishing Tips

Its a very informative article about jig fishing. Starts out with knowing how to select or make a jig for your cover type. Finally it gives some tips for where to fish and how to set the hook. Overall, it was a very informative, if long, read. Read up, you will be expect to have mastered this technique while on my boat. Make sure to check the bottom of the page for more articles. Personally after reading all that, I wasn't interested in reading any of the additional links. But I put this link here for us to go back and read them at our leisure.

Right now it is 4 degrees with a wind chill of -14. If this keeps up, we'll never have any fun.

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