Jun 15, 2008

Father's Day on Lake Eureka

I took dad to Lake Eureka for fathers day. Rumor has it, the bass here are plump. So we fished for a few hours and only managed to catch two fish, including the following fine specimen. She weighed in at about 2 and a quarter pounds. Note worth is the black spot on her back near the dorsel fin. Dad caught one too, but it was little and he didn't want to document how small it was.

Another good thing to point out...this was the maiden voyage of my new boat. She did very well, didn't leak a bit and cut through the water a little better than The Good Ship Clif. It's taken a while to get the boat legal. The state needed the previous owner to sign over the title or fill out some paperwork to issue a new title. It turns out the previous owner never registered the boat and he happens to be dead, so finding out who the previous owner was turned out to be tough. Finally, I navigated the red tape, found the previous owner and got her legal.

I'm still working on a good name. Now that I've had her out and know what she's capable of, it shouldn't be long before a name becomes evident.

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