Oct 19, 2008

Flying the Mackinaw

Dave and I went to the Mackinaw River to work on our fly fishing abilities, and they need some work. Perhaps we should call Mr. Jonn Graham of Streamstalker fame for a guided tour and some tips. This was my first fly fishing experience ever and I think it was only Dave's third or forth.

Well, we drove around for 3 hours looking for a place with public access AND shallow enough water for waders (the later being the real problem). Once we settled on a place we tried hard, really hard. The water was clear, the leaves were coming down, the sun was out and the wind was howling down the valley; overall the day was a perfect example of why I love the outdoors. Ultimately we didn't catch any fish on fly rods but later in the day Dave abandoned is fly and threw a craw daddy crank to catch the pictured smallie on his second cast. The thing squirmed away after the picture but before we could get measurements, but it looked to be in the 2 pound range.

It's obvious I have much to learn and you'll probably be kept up to date on my schooling. So here's what I've learned so far.:
- The location of the only place acceptable for public waders on the Mackinaw within a reasonable driving distance.
- How deep one needs to stand to ensure the current will overpower one.
- I don't know how to catch fish with flies
- A canoe would make access easier
- I need to go try again

Sorry the only fish picture is out of focus....

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