Nov 3, 2008

Personal Day

I woke up this morning to a beautiful forecast - mid seventies and sunny in November! Couple that with my bout of insomnia last night and I had all the motivation I needed to take a personal day. I started my day with a quick nap then headed out to Mineral Springs park again to see if there were any trout left. Apparently all the trout have been harvested, or more likely I'm still lacking that "something" with the fly rod. After 3 hours of nothing at the park, I packed it in and grabbed some lunch from the local Gas-Mart. After a fine lunch of Combos, I went to a lake where I hold a historically significant chance of catching fish: Banner Marsh.

I've been secretly dreaming of catching a monster as my first fish on the fly rod then writing about what an awesome experience it was. Instead I picked this puppy up about 6 inches from shore. I literally picked it up, when it bit I just lifted my rod (cane pole style) to land it. Anyway, the monkey is off my back and I can finally concentrate on catching nice fish instead of just concentrating on catching any fish.

Sorry, I didn't bring my scale - no measurements.

Side note: apparently repeatedly ripping a balsa wood popper through the brush behind me is a good way to find my pockets devoid of poppers. Time for a trip to the outdoor store.


  1. Clif, that fish looks about the same size as my first fish....thankfully mine didn't have spiked fins or it could have been tragic the way I yanked it out of the water (basically, I set the hook for the size of a tarpoon fish). Maybe there is something good about having our first fishes be minnows. There's nowhere to go from there but bigger!
    Thank you for pointing me in the right direction on your blog. There IS comfort in numbers~

  2. On a different occasion, I hooked a similar fish to the one you see above, maybe smaller. The silly thing gave no fight or other indication it was hooked. I even stripped line in to entice a bite, and then it was time for a back cast... well I think you're familiar with what happened.


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