Dec 11, 2008

Historic Documents

As mentioned in a previous post, I recently stumbled upon some fishing pictures from 2003. I know these aren't the oldest fishing pictures of me in existence, but until Scott finds them these will have to do. Get on it Scott!

The pictures I found seem to all be from a single trip to the "Lacon Pits." That's what we called the former strip mine just north of Lacon, it's attached the river so it has plenty of species. There was good shore access, and the gravel bottom made fishing mostly snag free. Sadly, the following year we went there to fish and all the trees were torn out and a no fishing sign posted. Not sure what happened, but I'm guessing they planned to develop the lake or there was some sort of liability issue. If that hadn't happend, I'd still go there all the time. Maybe I should drive by, it's been 5 years so maybe I can fish it again.

I've decided to string these out a little and not post them all at once, to keep my two or three readers begging for more. Next up, pictures from the great gar harvest of 03.

Skinny Scott and a drum

Long haired Kerr with something, can't tell what.

Me with a bass

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