Jan 8, 2009

Clouser Mad Tom Imitators

I tied the following flies tonight. The top two are inspired by (and very close to) Bob Clouser's popular Clouser Mad Tom fly. It is something I originally saw on a pretty cool fly fishing gallery. I added 20lb mono to make them snag resistant. I also made an unintentional mistake by not wrapping the rabbit strip over the eyes before bending the bucktail back. Maybe after I lose these to a wood bass, I'll make them right. Also, because the only 3/0 hooks I have are offset I used those rather than running out and buying some straight shanks. I think that should help keep them upright during a retrieve, but I'll have to wait for open water before I know for sure.

The bottom one is inspired by the Mad Tom but totally different; no name that I know of, maybe I'll come up with something. I started the fly by wrapping the hook with thin foam, then omitted the dumb-bell eye weights. I'm hoping this one floats either at the surface or just below and imitates a dead or struggling mouse. I thought it up after noticing the middle fly kind of resembles a mouse. After much consideration, I decided a mouse wouldn't be hopping across the bottom. So I made this one more buoyant.

Click here to see video instructions of how to tie a Clouser Mad Tom fly.

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