Feb 15, 2009

Oh-nine plans coming together

It's a new year, a new administration, and my 2009 fishing gameplan is shaping up. Of course, I'll be making regular visits to Banner Marsh: the warm comfortable jammy pants I've been sliding into for a few years now. I'm a little excited about wading in Banner during the spring season. One of my other goals for this season is to spend more time exploring new waters. I've fished Spring Lake a few times but not as much as I'd like, Double T is sounding like a real possibility and Scott keeps telling me he'll take me to his fishing club more this year than last.

Add to the mix two presents. My lovely wife bought me a St. Croix 8wt fly rod for my birthday, then turned around two months later and got me a fish finder on Christmas. I'll definitely be working on the fly fishing at local lakes and rivers. Add loaner kayaks to a fly fishing trip and there is a good chance I'll drown this year. The fish finder is going to just save me time. It's taken me 3 fishing seasons to get a concrete understanding of the structure in a particular section of a particular lake at Banner. Now with the finder I can map out the contours much more quickly; aiding in my goal to master fresh water.

And finally I've got a few trips tentatively on the schedule. Assuming the current economic situation doesn't interfere...

1) Annual TBA fishing trip. This will be the third installment of a coworker outing. We've done it in August and June, August worked well and I think June was too early so I'm pushing for a July or later date. This year there is also talk of a new venue, which may dictate a new month. There is still plenty of loose ends to tie up before I know for sure.

2) The in-laws have talked about a trip. Possibly down south, but last we talked they weren't sure of a location.

3) The blue hole trip. This year our annual family reunion camping trip has me a little more excited than normal. I know for a fact the pond we camp next to holds grassy pickerel, and I know for a fact I have caught 12 inch (or more) pickerel here before. At the time I didn't think it was special so there are no pictures. My goal this year is to catch a trophy pickerel and document it for you.

And finally I have a strong interest in continuing to work on Lunker Hunt. I've discovered it's quite enjoyable to blog and I'll spend this year working to make this blog more enjoyable for you. Together we'll spend 2009 in pure enjoyableness.

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