Jan 20, 2009

Shuffling things up a bit

If you're a loyal reader, and most of you are aren't, you'll notice they layout has changed a bit on this blog. If this is your first visit, then you'll notice nothing at all. These changes are aimed and boosting my readership, but no reason to fret, I'm open to changing things more if you don't like it. Just make your voice heard via that comment button below.

It all started last night with a long session of research into how to add a second sidebar. The session was frustrating and did not appear to be worth the effort until late last night when I had a breakthrough. I'm hoping a second side bar doesn't clutter things up more than they need to be, because I hate cluttered sites.

Once I had the new side bar, I needed something to fill it. For starters I moved the archive up there on the right. I admit this is a blatant attempt to convince people to stick around a little more than they do, but I think this should have little impact on your inclination to enjoy this blog. My statistics service indicates people don't spend much time on my blog and I'd like to change that. Hopefully by putting the older posts up front and center (well...a little to the right), I'll be able to interest you in reading on.

The other major change is that, also on the right, I've added a fishing news box. Over the years I've put together a nice sturdy base of sites that feature fishing news and my hope is to share the most interesting stories with you. They'll probably end up being mostly the type of light-hearted stories I enjoy reading on my lunch break and now you can too. Honestly, I'm not sure how this one will pan out. If I find I'm lacking the dedication to keep it updated, I'll pull it and jedi-mind-trick you into thinking it never happened.

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