Jan 5, 2009

Someone get the Louvre on the line

During these long cold months I struggle without regular fishing. This winter I've tried to stay busy, one way to do this is tying flies. I'm happy to report to the faithful Lunker Hunt readers that I've created a fly so beautiful, I've decided I can never use it. I now have to find somewhere safe to keep this thing safe to some day be treasured at the Smithsonian Institute.

I guess I can say it started this fall while fly fishing at local bass hot spot Banner Marsh. I had a couple balsa plugs on hand, but after repeatedly bouncing them off the ground and ripping them through the grass to my rear they were destroyed. I needed something that would last long enough for me to catch a fish.

I'm sure if I had a better back cast, a balsa popper would be no problem. However, until my new skill develops I can either continue to purchase poppers or make heavier-duty ones.

Couple that need with my new fly tying kit and a scrap piece of pine 1x2 and I started in on carving my own. Granted, my attention to detail can seem to most as obsession with the meaningless but I really wanted this to look great so I spent some time.

Hollowing out the nose was really hard and it didn't come out too smooth, but nothing a little sand paper and an extra coat of paint couldn't fix.

Three hours later I had shaped what I think is a pretty good, one inch long piece of wood.

I used epoxy to attach that piece of wood to a simple fly I made with buck tail, silver flash and a #1/0 Eagle Claw Aberdeen hook.

I then painted...

...and painted...

...and painted and lacquered.

After all that, I now have a bass popper that comes with it a total 6 hours of love from yours truly - don't worry it wasn't continuous. Fortunately, along the way, I thought of ways to make simpler, easier plugs. Mostly these new techniques start with a dowel rod and utilize a Dremel for shaping. Of course the next few will be painted much more simpler as well.

I already have the dowel rod purchased and a new cutting tool for my Dremel. I also added a silver leaf paint to my arsenal. I'm thinking I'll make a couple more silver poppers and a couple simple floating divers then wait and see how they work.

Unless someone gives me a good reason (think green), this is the last time I spend 6 hours on a fly.

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