Feb 9, 2009

Powerton Cats Take Two, or Ten

Dave and I went to Powerton again on Saturday. The weather was beautiful, 43 degrees when we started at 9am and 65 degrees when we left at 2:30. If you're not from Illinois that's about 30 degrees higher than normal and 86 degrees warmer than what we had a few weeks ago. So needless to say, we were mostly pleased to be out and about. I even got a slight sun burn and it feels good.

We started out focusing on smallies using our fly rods. Streamstalker had mentioned the previous weekend he had success with flies, so my hopes were high. The closest I came to catching a bronzeback was having one pick up my fly, but when I set the hook it was gone. I was fishing with a Clouser Mad Tom, so he may have just taken the tail. I think I'll downsize future Mad Toms I tie, it looks like Mr. Clouser uses a size 4 hook and mine are all on 3/0 hooks. They'll have shorter tails too! If was wasn't learning, fishing would stop being fun.

On top of that, my trusty camera malfunctioned. Without warning, it's 5 year run has come to an abrupt end. Our camera phones came to the rescue, luckily we're both the type to never leave home with out them. Now I'm in the market for a new camera. While my Nikon DSLR takes really great pictures, it's not too convenient to lug around a lake.

After much effort, we decided it wasn't panning out. In an effort to salvage the day we turned to the dip bait. We ended the day catching 10 catfish (Dave had 7) about the same size as those below.

A face, hands and fat bellied fish floating in mid-air!

Here's my little one, it wasn't my best day...

On our walk out we saw a guy who had two big catfish, one looked to be about 15lb and he said the other weighed 26lb! By 2 pounds, that's the heaviest fish I've ever personally laid my eyes on.

Then today I read that the Streamstalker was there a day later. He caught one and missed two.

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