Feb 17, 2009

Stick it to the man...man!

I brought my laptop home from work tonight, hoping to get some work done. I did that last night and it's just what they want me to do again tonight. I tied flies instead, here's what I came up with.

First is a beaded nymph I made up. It's got a pheasant tail, olive dubbing and soft partidge hackle. The hook is a #12 scud/emerger. Click the images for greater detail, I spent a lot of effort in getting high quality close ups of the flies so you better appreciate it.

Next is a clouser minnow. Mostly white buck tail with a little blue. Add some silver krystal flash and a small barbell eye to a #4 plane shank and you're catching smallies.

This is another Clif original. It's on a #14 dry fly hook. The tail is white bucktail, cut short. The body is filled with foam and wrapped in black dubbing. The wings are soft partridge hackle.

This one is based loosely on the wholly bugger. Substitute rabbit fur (from a zonker) in place of the maraboue tail. It's on a #6 streamer hook.

And I finally got around to tying a size down version of the Clouser Mad Tom. I'm still not really sure the exact instructions for duplicating Clouser's original but all the pieces are there. This one is on a #1 plan shank. Bicolored rabbit strip, a medium barbell eye and white bucktail.

Word on the street is that Spring Lake (and others) thawed last week during the heat wave and rain. Mastering Spring Lake is on my list for year. Now that temps are hovering around freezing again I can only hope the ice stays away long enough for me to feed the monkey. I wonder what's going on this weekend...if you're interested, you know who to talk to.


  1. dude-

    for one, great work. you do nice work.
    i'm still stuck on scuds partially due to lack of other supplies.

    for two, we call them wooly buggers out here. in the west, ya know.

    thirdly, the beauty of "creating" your own pattern is naming them. where do you think bitch creeks, bwo's (actually baetis imitations), hare's ears, wooly buggers, etc. etc. come from. part of the fun.
    i bet the creation would work well for bream, etc. nice work!

  2. They're wooly buggers around here too, but I'm lazy and don't check things like that before I type them.

    I enjoy creating my own patterns more than replicating others. I find it more exciting. Bass aren't very picky eaters, so it's easier just to start tying and see what happens rather than try anything specific.

    I've got so many patterns I've made up but, as you know, I think with my left so I'm not fast enough to keep up on names. Plus I've never checked if my patterns are unique. If any are successful this year I'll find a name for them.

    However, I did name one:
    Clif's Crawdad

  3. And by posting these pictures I am reserving the naming rights. So don't get any ideas.


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