Mar 12, 2009

All the rain makes my attention to detail float to the surface and dive back down

This past weekend was non-stop rain. I think we totaled 3 inches or so. So Saturday I started carving again.

It started a couple weeks ago in a misguided attempt to tie a Dahlberg Diver, it was a complete disaster. I ended up throwing the whole mess in the trash swearing to never do that again and just generally swearing. So here is my carved Dahlberg Diver. I'll keep the witty banter to a minimum and serve up the good stuff...

If you're following along at home, the next picture is when you will mess up and start over.

Wondering why I drilled a hole? See below, that is a rattle.

Those of you still reading are in for a treat. Remember when I mentioned the point where you'll mess up and start over? Here is my first attempt after said mess up and prior to said start over.


  1. CLIF:

    Your Dahlberg Diver looks phenomenal!!! What are the chances I could get you to make me one? I am willing to pay a fair price.

  2. Perhaps a trade can be arranged.

  3. A trade would be great.


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