Mar 6, 2009

As far as yuppie boats go, heres something to think about.

Thanks to Dave for showing me the Hobie Pro Angler. At a smidge over $2000 I think this is going to fit in the same catagory as the X10. That is the "pretty sweet boat with lots of shiny things you can dream about but probably won't pay for" category.

What I find of particular interest is Hobie's Mirage drive, making it like a pedal boat but better. If you like the mirage drive but you're not interested in this particular price tag, Hobie sells a few other boats with pedals; boats more closely resembling the kayaks you're used to - with a presumably lower 30 year fixed.

These guys do a pretty good job of running down all the features but I suggest you click the link above for info on the drive train.

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