Mar 21, 2009

Getting jiggy with it

In preparation for a fishing trip tomorrow I tied some jigs to throw with my long rod. Interesting note, I was interupted during my tying session when a drunk guy hit my neighbor's parked car.

These are all bass jigs tied on 2/0 plain shank hooks. I used the spinner skirts you can find at tackle shops. Also I tied in the weed guard Dave mentioned using some 40lb mono. See if you can figure out the order in which these were tied. Hint: the first one is crappy looking.

I really like this one, the cone head allowed me a little more flexibility with getting the skirt to sit right. I don't think I'll tie anymore jigs with barbell eyes.

And I tied these four crappie jigs on #4 hooks. Two have Mylar tubing for a tail with a medium chenille body. Those have a silver bead head. The other two have buck tail on the end with chenille bodies as well. I spiced up the bottom two by exposing some red thread and using a black bead.

I also tied a few Clouser Mad Tom's to replace those lost last Saturday. Plus tomorrow will be the first launching of the Good Ship Clif in 09 and the first use of my new portable fish finder.

I think I need some old barn wood or worn cork to take fly pictures on, don't you think that will really make this blog seem professional?

PS - Jonn, I've got your Dahlburg Diver carved and painted, tomorrow or Sunday I'll put on the clear coats and it'll be done and ready for a trade. Hope you like orange.

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