Mar 23, 2009

I finally did it, followed by injury

After a long winter, a few practice sessions and a couple close calls I have finally landed a bass with my fly rod. Today I was on jury duty, then got to Banner Marsh in time to squeeze in about two hours of fishing before dusk. It was windy, which isn't good for amature fly anglers, more on that in a minute. I started out with a jigfly and pig, got a nibble with that but then nothing. I switched to a purple and yellow Mad Tom thinking those fish might have never seen one. When the thing struck I knew what to do: set the hook. After setting the hook, I realized I wasn't using a spinning reel and stood there for a second trying to remember how to work that contraption. Luckily this beauty had cold water in her veins and the fight was uneventful, she didn't even surface. Here she is again, look at that belly.

Now, about the wind. It was gusty, not windy but gusty. Wind makes fly fishing a little unpredictable, especially when the angler is new. During this outing I hit myself in the back of the ear and wrapped my leader around my head (two loops around). I discovered that if I ducked at the right time I could avoid getting hit in the back of the head. Then, not long after catching the fish, my Mad Tom assaulted me from the front and left me with a story to tell coworkers. If you have ever wondered what a hook wound looks like on a face, today is your lucky day. You might have to click to see a bigger version.

This one is minor, but it did make me think. Next trip I'll be sporting my new fishing accessory:

PS. I tried to get the successful fly in the pic, but it didn't really turn out. If you're interested the Mad Tom was made with a purple zonker strip, yellow bucktail, and white barbell eyes on a #1 hook. It's the smallest one I have, better make some more.


  1. Funny and not so funny. Can't say that I have ever gotten a hook in the face (knock on wood). I've been lucky that neither I nor anyone I have been fishing with has ever had a serious hooking incident. Although one time Cyberfish of MT Bucket had a close call with a big pike puting a lure in his arm but mercifly it happened simaltaneously with the pike becoming unbuttoned. If the pike wouldn't have come off like that Mike would have been in a world of hurt.

  2. Great way to get the season started. A nice bass, nice photo. I have had the unfortunate luck to have done something similar to what happened to you. Your photo of your new fly fishing face gear made me laugh. Better get something for the ears though!

  3. Glad to hear I'm not alone. After I hit my ear, the hood went up. That's why my hood is on in the picture even though the air temp was 68 degrees, I was too excited to remember to take it off for the camera. Unfortunately my hood left the more tender bits in front exposed.

  4. Geez...I'm feeling realllly bad about posting my little accidental "hooking"! You most definitely need more sympathy on this one...glad the glasses protected you too... I'm thinking that the mask might be perfect for steelhead!


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