Mar 24, 2009

I'll call him "Number 2"

Come and get it Jonn, I'll let you decide it's bartering power.


  1. Clif - Wow, very nice! Have you tried casting one of those fellers'?

  2. The bass don't really hit top waters until the water warms up, usually April or May around here so I haven't yet. I don't anticipate any trouble, they are quite a bit lighter than some of the other bass flies I've got. Really not much difference from a balsa popper.

    I've got a couple that are so pretty, I don't think I'll ever cast them. They were retired the second I finished them.

    If you're new and haven't seen my other plugs look Here and here.

  3. Looks great. We will have to get together and do some flyfishing. Or you could send it to me, and I would send you back some of my finest. Whatever you want to do. thanks again for taking the time to make me one. I will pay handsomely with my flies.


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