Mar 16, 2009

Maybe it's my fear of commitment

I got a hair brained idea on Saturday. Maybe it is my refusal to commit to fly fishing that has led to my inability to catch fish on a fly rod. I've always brought my fly rod along as something to play with, or alternately I've brought my spinner as a backup. Well Saturday I went out to Banner Marsh fully committed. I had only my fly rod, my fly box, a camera, waders and what I could fit in my vest. I had a plan to wade out to some structure that I've previously fished with some success by boat.

Upon arrival I was disappointed to see the water level a couple feet higher than normal, so my plan of wading to said structure was out. Instead, I waded as close as I could get and fished. The water was cold enough to force 10 minute warm-up breaks on shore, and the fish were taking breaks to correspond with my time in the water. After about 5 hours of fishing deep structure, I happened to throw a Clouser Mad Tom (olive in color) near shore by a bush. I saw the line flick, with what I like to all a "tink-tink" (say "tink-tink" while picturing a fork hitting wine glass). Fish on...short off - damn, I ended the day with a blank. At least I caught enough wood bass to make some room in my fly box for more fly tying sessions.

I did learn a few things. My jigflies were easier to cast than a standard jig, but still not with the grace you picture a fly rod to produce. I learned that standing in freshly thawed water for any length of time is enough to give me a mild case of hypothermia, my knees were cold to the touch well into the night. I also learned that when the sun is bright, it's hard to see the LCD display on a camera. In such a situation, you might not notice your white balance is set to "incandescent" for every single picture you take that day. This is the second time I've taken a bunch of blue pictures (see below) only to discover the problem at home, I'm starting to think I should scrap the DSLR and go back to pointing and shooting.

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