Mar 31, 2009

Speaking of those who catch big fish

As previously explained we don't have great trout angling opportunities in central Illinois, so I guess I'm not up to speed in the goings and doings of the trout angling world. That explains why the following pictures that arrived in my mailbox today were a surprise to me even though they are apparently from 2007. Regardless, I can't help but be amazed at this; amazement that is driven primarily by the size of rainbows I've seen caught around here.

My first thought was to double check the validity of these pictures, and a quick google session seems to confirm this is the all tackle world record rainbow trout that weighed in at 43.6 lb. This article explains quite well the how, when, where and who bits so I won't duplicate that effort. Of note is these guys (at the time the article was published) owned the 2#, 4#, 16#, 20# and 30# tackle records and were apparently about to cinch up the 6# (with this fish) and the 50# with another un-pictured fish. Me thinks if you're a trout angler with some spare time and spare coin, you might be well advised to look up "The Fishing Geeks."

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