Mar 28, 2009

This guy just catches big fish

The Apr/May issue of In-Fisherman arrived in my mail slot the other day. I picked it up wondering if there would be anything worth blogging about. My eyes were drawn to the words near the top of the cover: "Master Angler Highlights!" If you're not familiar, In-Fisherman runs a program where you send in pictures of your monster fish and they send you an award of some kind. It's very similar to the "Big Fish" award program the Illinois DNR runs. This issue has what I assume are the biggest fish from the 2008 season. I paged straight to page 66 to see these lunkers. Imagine my delight when I recognized a face first page of the highlights. It's the face of Kevin Wakeman, and I don't actually know him. I'm just a fan of his website (it's more of a website than a blog but it's a blurry line.) I've kept a link on my side bar for some time now. Bingo! My mind went off on this wonderful blog material. It was even enough for me to dust off the old scanner...

I can't find that exact fish on his website for a more clear image, but it doesn't matter because here's a bigger one (shamelessly hotlinked):

What I like (or maybe hate) about this guy is that he happens to fish a couple of the lakes I do and kicks my butt. He seems to like Spring Lake which I've already fished twice this year, plus I've been to Lake Delavan twice in the last two years and he fishes there often as well. I've caught big fish from these lakes but never this big, and he does it with regularity. For example, last Saturday Dave and I fished spring lake for 8 hours and caught three small bass and two small crappies. Kevin was on the same water in the same month a couple years ago and...well I'll let his video do the talking, make sure and watch the whole thing to see him empty his livewell...

If Kevin happens to be reading this, congratulations man. If you notice a guy following you around Spring Lake taking notes, pay no attention. It's just me trying to figure out your secret and I'll try and stay out of your way.

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  1. That video is impressive, those are some TOADS!!!


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