Mar 7, 2009

When pigs fly

A stormy forecast cancelled my fishing plans today. In an effort to avoid other responsibilities I tied the jig-flies I've had in mind since my last trip. Here we go, I made these up with inspiration from Ehler's J-Pig. I think all will look pretty tasty with a pork frog attached. Hopefully these will be easier than a normal jig to cast, can't wait to find out. I think the second two might work without the pig and if I manage to keep these around I'll be sure to try that out later this year.

They are all on a 2/0 Eagle Claw plane shank hook. The first uses a small set of barbell eyes and I upped the last two to medium - I ran out of small. The fur is is a short strip of rabbit zonker wrapped only three times behind the eyes and tied in front. Also I've decided to buy some more rubber legs because the only color I have is orange/black and it is really limiting my creativity.


  1. Hello Clif - Just found your blog this evening while checking out some of the many fishing blogs on the 'net. This is a very nice fishing blog. Lots of good information and you obviously love to fish. So do I. I hope you don't mind, but, I added your link to my fishing blog list over on my blog. Stop by and say hello when you get a chance.

  2. Cliff:

    I like your newest flies. They look like winners. Keep me posted on how they work on ol' mr bass

  3. Welcome Mel, and thank you for the link.

    As for the one behind the anonymous cloak...
    I can't wait to try these out but you'll have to come back and see how I do. I have no way to let you know otherwise without finding out your true identity.


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