Apr 12, 2009

The best time to be on the water

Scott and went to another of my club's lakes yesterday and the fishing proverb held true. I don't know who to credit with this wisdom, but we confirmed the best time to be on the water is the worst time to fish. Friday's rain gave way to bluebird skys on Saturday and the fish did not appreciate the uptick in pressure. Add the technical difficulty of wind and we had our work cut out for us. We fished from 8-2 and I threw just about everything I have for a slow presentation. The total for the two of us was one fish. It was a small but egg filled female I picked up around noon on a black and blue jig 'n pig in about 10 feet of water. This is also my first ever fish on a jig 'n pig, a lure I've heard all about being great for prespawn but also a lure I've never been able to produce with (not for lack of trying.)

The day was slow but I'm not ready to write off this particular lake. This lake had very clear water, plenty of cover and structure variations between 30 and 5 feet of water. It was a totally different lake than the cloudy flat bottomed lake we enjoyed success on last weekend. For now, I'm content blaming this on the weather and I'll reserve judgement for another day.

Oh, and I saw a beaver casually browsing for lunch on shore. Granted, I never would have noticed if Scott wasn't with me, but I saw it and I'll count that as an experience - the kind I'm after.


Location: Private lake
Water Temp: 49-51 degrees
Air Temp: 34 degrees at 8am, 64 degrees at 2pm.
Weather: Clear skies with easterly winds
What worked: Black/blue jig 'n pig was fished heavily and caught one fish
What didn't: Powerbaits, Senkos, white crappie jig, fly fishing

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