Apr 27, 2009

Dark. With continued dark until partly scattered light in the morning

Just recently I mentioned our weatherman is a doofus so I should have known better this past Saturday. I went to bed Friday night with plans to hit the club lake we've affectionately nicknamed "The Bagel." With it's prominent island and oval shape, it reminds me of a bagel. The forecast called for thunderstorms starting at noon and lasting all night so Dave and I were planning to go out early. To heighten the excitement, we were to exchange txt and picture message updates with Scott who would be fishing his club the same morning. Call it a small competition for bragging rights with real time updates.

My alarm woke me up at 5:30 and I already had a picture of a big bass waiting on my cell phone, Scott's an earlier bird - he drives and hour and a half to get to his lakes. I made some coffee and headed out to get the boat ready when I noticed it was raining. What? The forecast was "updated" overnight to include morning storms followed by the expected storms starting at noon. After a quick phone call our trip was delayed slightly. And delayed slightly again when a county road proved to closed and forced us to explore other country roads, some winding and some gravel.

Finally hit the water about 8:30 - the wind was howling and the bite was hot. I was throwing a black/blue chatterbait but it was giving me trouble; I had decided to add a pork trailer and after trying unsuccessfully to get it on hook I bend down the barb...a mistake that cost me dearly. I had three fish strike the chatterbait in a matter of 15-20minutes, all of them threw the hook in mid jump. By the end of the day I had six fish throw the hook and one break me off on a log, but this is the first time I've seen fish jump so that's good. I should have taken it as a sign that my in-laws recently gave me a different chatter bait with some technology to supposedly help it stay hooked (more on this in my next post). Around noon the storms rolled in and we scurried off the lake. On the drive home it seemed the weather was clearing up so we headed over to a different club lake, responsibilities be damned, where we caught a few more.

The total for the day was seven fish (plus the seven that got off) of nice size, but nothing huge. We fell short of Scott's team who had ten, but while they were fishing earlier they gave up at the noon storm and missed the calmest, warmest day I've fished this year. It really was spectacular afternoon fishing. Plus I was really impressed with The Bagel, it is the best lake I've fished in the club so far. I'll have to go back after I try the two I haven't hit yet.

Here is a sampling of the fish, like I said nothing huge but all nice.

And after watching this video, I now realize how much I like fat prespawn fish. This thing isn't huge, but you can tell from my reaction how much I enjoy it after Dave gets done snuggling the thing.


  1. Congrats on another bunch of good fishing pictures. Those Bass are nice and we all know what scrappers they are.

  2. Thank you. Yes they are scrappers, apparently someone told them how to throw hooks too.

  3. Ah, weather people. What a great job. Wrong most of the time and still get paid for it. Nice group of Bass.

  4. Alright, a first time commenter! Welcome shoreman! I hope you find this blog interesting enough to come back.


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