Apr 8, 2009

The experience I'm after

It wasn’t planned and happened without notice. Now you’re finding yourself on the lake, hours into an outing. The lake is familiar and the fishing has been good, or bad - it doesn’t matter. You lost yourself focusing on the movements you know make your technique the best. Focusing on playing the wind with every cast, or the nearly imperceptible vibration telling you the blade is spinning. As you awake, the seemingly sudden sound of the distant highway surprises you but you know it’s been there all day. Traffic noise was drowned by your focus just like the world around you. Taking in what you can through the windshield, your mind shifts to mowing in the dark.

I’ve found it easy to forget the reason I started fishing, on a casual outing so many years ago. Back then it was about getting out there with a friend. It was about turning off and maybe catching a fish or two. Somewhere along the way I started focusing on the act of fishing and forgot the experience. It’s something I’ve been thinking about lately and noticed for the past few outings. It started last year when a beaver caught my attention by getting a little too close and slapping a warning on his way under. How many times had that beaver swum past? I can’t tell you, but next time I will. Now I periodically find myself in the zone, time flying by just like a busy day in the office. When I see it happening, I take a break and soak it all in before zapping away two more hours. This season I’ll be looking to enjoy fishing.

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  1. Clif - Nice post. I think you hit the nail on the head with your thoughts. Hope you take your time and enjoy your fishing, also.


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