Apr 15, 2009

I'm sort of a fan

I'm becoming a real fan of the Clouser Mad Tom fly. For one it is real easy to tie, well the version I tie is but I've never bothered looking up the official recipe. For two it apparently catches fish. Dave and I went to Banner Marsh today after work for a few ours of wading and fishing. We hit the spot that I caught a bass and hurt myself a few weeks ago. Sometimes you have to face your fears, and it paid off for me tonight. I caught this beauty on a 2/0 orange and black mad tom. Sadly I lost the fly a couple casts latter, but you can kind of see it in her mouth if you look close.

After retrieving my fly from a log, I found myself located in hip deep water with the log in front of me and cat tails to my rear. To fish from that spot required a roll cast so I did it, quite poorly in fact. I didn't feel a strike, but the line got heavy and I thought for a split second I had another log, then the log moved and I set the hook. She put up a good but short fight before giving up, no jumping. I can't wait to fight a fish like this in warm water with a long rod. We measured her to be 19 inches long. I also weighed her on my old rusty scale, but that thing is not to be trusted and I won't report the weight until I can check the scale. Anyone out there in cyberspace know what a 19 inch pre-spawn female might weigh? For now let's just say that she was a fatty and here is the proof.

I have to apologize to Dave for making this next portion a foot note, but it needs to be said. At one point Dave was out of sight but within ear shot. I heard "AH SH*T!!!" I knew he either got wet or lost a fish. Turns out he broke off a big one - we'll never know how big. Until we find a fish with a meat whistle in it's mouth it's the one that got away.

I'm starting to like the video format for blogging and here are a couple more from this trip, let me know what you think of these tidbits. The first was when Dave had to cross some deep (we didn't know how deep) water to retrieve a fly. I pressed the record button hoping he was about to take a dip and...well...you'll see. Pure unadulterated excitement.

Secondly, here is me trying to figure out how to hold a fish and a fly rod at the same time. You can tell I'm new at this, next time I'll have a clue - I promise.


  1. Nice fish Cliffy, that thing is fat for sure

  2. Nice largie. Like the Cardinal hat as well.

  3. A prespawn 19inch bass is most certainly over 4lbs if it's just shy of 20" and really fat it could go 5.

  4. I have confirmed the weight on my scale was incorrect. See my next post for the official weight.


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