Apr 30, 2009

Gotta keep 'em separated

My in-laws bought me a chatterbait as part of a modest Easter present. What I didn't realize at first, and I suspect they're guilty of the same, was this is no ordinary chatterbait. It's manufactured by Booyah and has some technology I haven't seen before. I pitched the packaging, so I don't know the marketing name for this technology but I remember they claimed it will help keep fish from throwing the lure. If you're a regular, you'll remember I recently had trouble with bass throwing my chatterbait but don't worry, it wasn't this particular lure. While I was having fish after fish throw chatterbaits, this thing was waiting patiently for me to call it's name. It's patience was in vain and the real culprit is sleeping with the fishies.

You'll notice it has a piece of cable coming from the head, followed by a coil of some sort and finally the business end. I'm not sure what the coil is for, but the leading thought is it's simply a mechanism to help solder the cable to the hook. Perhaps it's designed to help hold on a rubber trailer. Either way, the real interesting thing is not the coil, look at the cable's flexibility.

I'm an engineer by education and trade and I think I'm going to buy into this, but I'll wait to try it before my hypothesis becomes theory. On paper, a flexible shank will help isolate the weight from the point. As a fish registers it's displeasure, the weight of the hook will not be pulling quite as much on the hook point, helping it remain safely embedded in juicy lip-flesh. Either that, or it will cause impact loading and leave you reeling in a jaw bone - hopefully one your fist will fit into.

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