Apr 5, 2009

A rare behind the scenes glance

While fishing Saturday I initially struggled with the new camera while trying to take a picture of Scott's bass. Little did I know my fumbling resulted in an opportunity for you to take a behind the scenes peak at Lunker Hunt. Upon returning home, a review of the pictures revealed this gem, sure to be a instant classic. Here is a rare chance to see how hard our fine staff works in bringing you, the reader, relevant journalist expertise.



  1. To my defense I had to take a better picture since the last one on here was me wearing the mad bomber hat and managed to circulate to all my friends at work with several different captions :-)

  2. Can someone out there tell Clif how to fish for walleye. I have a private lake we can fish that they call walleye heaven. As you all can see we prefer bass and crappie but would like to give walley heaven some good fishing.

  3. You not taking a bad picture was why I told you not to look "like a dumbass this time." I considered not posting this video, but I like it too much. It's representative of what happens in the seconds before every fish picture.

    Take me to walleye heaven!

  4. Kind of makes me think I should give up on fish pictures all together and go for 100% video for this blog.

  5. From Scotty P: Dude...I must request more of these great videos. Looks like a great day of fishing. Hopefully I will be down there soon soaking in the beautiful P-Town fising spots!


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