Apr 5, 2009

Shazam number 2!

New logo! This one is a picture I took of Dave at Powerton Lake. You can see the original here.

As mentioned previously, I made a few of these and I plan to try them out until I find something I'm sure is right. Let me know how this stacks up to the last one.


  1. I think I like the dock better too...

    Thanks for your opinion!

  2. Like David Lee Roth said, "Here today, gone later today." I do appreciate the 15 minutes of fame.


  3. Dave's lack of comment on his preference has not gone unnoticed. I'll count that as a vote similar to that of Basspastor and the Shayne.

    At this rate it will only be 15min.

    !Spoiler Alert! Don't worry Dave, you have another in the pipeline. This is the weaker of the two.


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