May 9, 2009

Illinois High School Bass Fishing State Tourney Today

Updated: 9 May 2009 at 2:30pm central

Yesterday while casually following the action from the comfort of a 8x8 padded cell cubicle I checked the weather forecast for Carlyle. The radar showed a strong storm blowing through southern Illinois and I suspected it was causing trouble for the boys and girls fishing Carlyle lake. I'm wishing I took a screen shot of the radar because it looked like a hurricane. Officials sent out word at about 10:15 that boats were to report to the nearest marina to wait out the storm. After a short three hours fishing (might seem long to non-angles, but us die hearts understand how short a three hour outing is) only twenty teams had fish to weigh. Reportedly four teams dumped fish after being called off the water due to confusion about how the rule book handles rain delays. The central Illinois teams I'm rooting for had nothing to show, I hope that changes today because they have some serious ground to make up.

St. Charles north is leading the pack leading into this second day of fishing and today's weather shouldn't hamper the 52 team tourney. It's covered heavily by so I'm not going get too specific about the results. My main goal is get the word out about this tournament so I'm providing some links below to people on the ground in Carlyle.

I do want to mention one thing though...with one day from a two day tourney under his belt, Derrick Hoffman of St. Charles North was asked about his success. His reply of “I caught them on hooks north of the dam,” is priceless. Carlyle lake is an Army Corp of Engineers reservoir and the dam is on the south end of the lake, he was trying to keep a tight lip but I wouldn't be surprised if the St. Charles North boat has some company where ever it goes today. Here are some pictures (that I'm shamelessly hotlinking) and links to more info. Check back often today, I'll keep updating my blog.

Links (I'll update as I find them):

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