May 19, 2009

The secret weapon is on-line

Last Saturday was not the best day to be on the water. We'd had about 5 inches of rain in the previous three days combined, the wind was howling from the northwest and the clouds disappeared mid-morning. None the less, Kerr and I ventured out in search of some fish. I'd previously fished three of the five lakes my club offers, so the plan was to give number four a chance. Our drive became complicated rather suddenly; it seems the heavy rain was the straw that broke Spoon River's back and sent it out over the banks....way over. Our third crossing attempted proved to be successful and we arrived at the lake about a half hour later than planned to find no where to hide from the wind. Plan B was one of the lakes I've hit twice before with limited luck, but I knew there was sufficient wind protection to make fly fishing possible, difficult but possible.

The primary intent of the trip was to get Kerr acquainted with fly casting. He has a Montana trip planned next month where he'll be hoping to catch trout, but prior to Saturday his fly fishing experience was limited to my back yard. From this perspective, I'd say the trip was a success. The fly rod was rough on him for some time before he finally started to get the hang of it later in the day. The only problem was he never caught a fish. Don't worry though, I didn't let that get in my way.

I ended the day with seven fish, plus a little eight inch bass we decided shouldn't count. The largest weighed in at just two and a half pounds, I suspect she'd have weighed three had I found her the previous weekend.

The hot ticket for me was Senkos fished as close to shore as I could get them - sometimes just inches. This lake is normally quite clear but with the rain taking visibility to a few inches I never saw any beds, but with the locations these fish came from I'd say they were actively spawning. Bait color didn't seem to matter much, but over the past few years I've learned to not bother throwing light colored Senkos. I'm not sure how something without a little black would have faired. I was just pleased that my favorite lure is out of retirement and deadly once again.

We got back with just minutes left before post time at Pimlico. I had showed Nick how to fly fish and promptly returned the favor by teaching me how to lose ten bucks on the ponies.

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