May 4, 2009

Swim lessons in walleye hell

I've been purposefully, perhaps secretly, avoiding my new swimbaits this year. I've heard so much hype about soft body (or hollow) swimbaits lately I didn't want to see them fail. I've been waiting for the tough spring fishing to turn into hot summer action before they come out. I hadn't planned on throwing swimbaits this past Saturday, but Scott cracked a dandy (thanks Jonn) on his Berkley hollow body...

I had to give it a shot...

Mine weighed in at three and a quarter pounds and came on a Shadilicious swimbait in the Neon Ghost pattern with a 5/0 weighted Mustad. I'll let you decide if this was a big male or a post spawn female. It came from a shallow section of the lake where normally thick weeds keep anglers out. This one was was deep in the reeds and hit on impact (no tail wagging required), then swam right at me so it took a second or too for me to figure it out. I do know, this fish put up the best fight I've had so far this year, including the 3.8 pounder I battled on my fly rod.

This particular lake was recently referred to as walleye heaven by a friend of Scott's, and we're both intrigued by a new fishing style. So shortly after reeling in the above fish we set out to catch some. Scott has never fished for walleye; my sauger experience is limited to some fish I caught many years ago on the Illinois river and a walleye accident in Wisconsin. We didn't know the first thing about where to find Walleye on this still water, even though I suspected we should be able to get them on crank baits once we found them. The strategy we selected was trolling; I pulled a Walleye Diver, and Scott dragged a jig. Turns out searching for fish is real boring. I vote we don't do that again until one of us get on a lake with a walleye expert. Any tips from cyberspace?

Any tips on convincing Scott that waking up at 4am sucks the fun out of a good day on the lake?


  1. No Walleye expertise from me. I am also trying to learn a little about Walleye as we now have some in our closest reservoir to town. Those are some nice Bass, guys.

  2. I found someone to show me the walleye, I just need to take him. It is so hard when I know there is a 6 or 7 lb bass lurking under the water waiting for my bait. You forgot to say we caught a total of 7 that day.

  3. Good luck with the 4am thing - does that time actually exist?!

  4. Scott, you need to bite the bullet and take that guy fishing. Then take me fishing, we can split time between walleyes and bass. Maybe there is a middle ground where we can catch both.

    4am does exist, I've seen it with my own eyes.


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