May 7, 2009

In which the author experiences discomfort and his companion finds cool comfort from the water.

Yesterday I noticed Dave wrapping things up in his corner of our cubicle. Then in the corner of my eye I noticed him standing there looking at me. "Want to go fishing?" was the question. "Yes," was the answer. "Dave can be quite persuasive," was the excuse that induced a fit of eye rolling later. The clouds growled at me when I climbed from the truck. The thermometer read 74, so I put on my thermal socks, flannel lined jeans and hoodie. Dave and I are both rookies in the world of wading and we were about to get nipple deep in Banner Marsh to expand our skills.

Sure we caught a couple fish but in the process we both learned lessons involving our level of manliness
manhood. My lesson came on violently while Dave was still peacefully taking in the surroundings, learning his lesson slowly. In the past I learned to take small steps while wading and that cool water intensifies any urination needs that were simply hints a few minutes ago. Yesterday, while filming Dave's catch I realized that standing waist deep in water makes impossible my ability to address any ... uh ... "personal itches" that arise.

As mentioned Dave's wading lesson came slowly and didn't become evident until the end. While I emerged like an army private on leave from Thailand, he emerged looking like a 2nd grader on a long bus ride. While he took in his surroundings, he was taking on his surroundings through a hole in the crotch of his waders.

PS. both fish came on Clouser Mad Toms. Mine on a purple/yellow pattern that gave me flashbacks given the wind situation. Dave's on the green/red pattern you see in the video.


  1. It was an unusual evening for me. I was so exited to go fishing I raced down there. So much adrenalin was running through my veins when I got in the water I forgot how to cast. I concentrated too much on distance and lure placement that all I ended up with was a face full of fly line. Later I realized the most important thing I'd forgotten was to enjoy the time fishing.

  2. BTW: Anyone know how to seal a pinhole in lightweight waders where the four seams come together?


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