May 13, 2009

You're blind, I'm blind...where the hell are we?

Kerr has been called up to the big leagues. He's planning a fly fishing trip to Montana next month, but he's got a problem to solve first - Kerr has never fly fished. I told him that I'm no casting expert and I don't know the first thing about catching trout, but I can try to show him how to cast and he'll have to figure out the rest.

You can see in the video he had some line management issues, we are working on that too. By the end of the night he was getting the hang of it but it was too dark for video proof.

The weatherman is forecasting rain this weekend; so I think we'll have blue skies when Kerr and I try to turn fly casting practice into fly fishing practice on the lake. I'll post the results of Saturday's trip, hopefully I won't be writing about my new piercing.

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