Jun 25, 2009

Complete Rubbish

There was a point in my life when I was a record club member, those days are past and I think I'm smarter now. I got a surprise in the mail today as Bassmasters sent me a DVD. The rub? Same old scheme: I hadn't ordered it, and they would like me to send some money. Buying this crap would "entitle" me to receive more crap every "2-3 months". To avoid paying I had to remove the disc and send it back; the case was mine to "keep, recycle or discard."

Well I bit. After removing the disc I watched it and I'll never get that 50 minutes of my life back. That's right, 50 minutes full of stuff I would expect everyone to know, providing they live within 30 miles of water.

I miss the college days when AOL discs spent their time protecting the table finish from cool condensation and spilled beer. This disc is already in the mail, but it wasn't all bad...

Disclaimer: Despite your suspicion, this is not a paid endorsement.


  1. I get a lot of these too, but as emails and not DVDs. And not from Bass Master but Bait Master. Go figure? I don't know where they come from.

  2. I'll come over tonight and we'll take a look at your browsing history. I bet we can figure it out.


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