Jun 9, 2009

Now is your big chance

Dave was upset when one of the previous Lunkerhunt logos featuring his likeness fell as the strong favorite to dock fishing. I personally think this new one will put him back in the running. This one comes from a picture I took during our late fall outing on the Mackinaw River.

For you to compare before you weigh in on the new standings...
Dave's previous entry
Dock fishing (the current favorite)
My father-in-law's Chippewa Flowage musky

Let me know what you think. After this I've got one more in the queue...


  1. I'll call it a tie, they are both good.

  2. Clif tells me he put a lot of time and effort into this new logo. I think it should be the winner for that alone.

  3. Perhaps the question should be:
    Would it stand a chance if your mug was clearly visible like the last?


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