Jun 14, 2009

The take out classes the give

A while back, Stream Stalker requested a carved Dahlberg diver in exchange for some of his own creations. I made the diver for him and held it in my fly box in hopes our paths would cross. We finally gave up on trading in person and held our fly swap via the post office. Over the phone he said he had "some flies" he'd box up and ship. "Some flies" didn't give me much clue what to expect and after seeing his definition of "some" I'm afraid he got a raw deal. If we met in person I would not have walked away with so many flies. Here's the give and take:

I gave the Dahlberg, a popper blank and a Sneaky Pete blank:

A few days later, this arrived in the mail:

Holy smokes! Not only does "some" mean 13, I now have a new box. Here's the contents:

Jonn, if you're reading this I feel like you've done too much. I truly appreciate your generosity.


  1. Them are some nice ones! I wonder how they'll look hanging from trees to my posterior....


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