Jun 9, 2009

This lesson feels like a rock

Long ago I learned the only time fishing is really good is when your so thirsty you can't swallow. I then learned the lesson about bringing lunch. It was always thirst or hunger that pulled me off a good bite and now a cooler is a permanent fixture in the boat. Me thinks I'm in the middle of my next lesson now.

Like tulips before Easter...Like snow signals you to oil the fly vise...Like orange leaves prompt me to sharpen my rake...I've got my first serious fishing burn of the summer. First it hurt, now it itches but it has always been strangely satisfying.

A couple more "lessons" and I'll be returning from a 10 hour expedition fresh as a spring chicken. I might not catch as many as a dried up hungry tomato, but at least I'll be comfortable

and that's how gentlemen fish.

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