Jul 18, 2009

$600 is worth platinum

I previously mentioned Dave got a Hobie Revolution kayak. I also alluded to some sweet video we took. Well...this isn't it. We're still waiting for Dave to get off his laurels and post an update.

In the mean time...we went fishing at Banner Marsh Thursday. Despite what weather that would normally signal good fishing we were both blanked. Turned out to be a crumby fishing day, but getting out and enjoying the water was still great. Plus Dave let me take his baby for a test drive. It was just after sunset and the storm was minutes away so the video is a little dark, but you can get the idea.

I've started an on-line fund raising program. Would you be willing to support CWH (Clif Wants a Hobie) charities? A pledge of $300 will get you all the benefits of a gold member, which includes a picture of me enjoying my new kayak and letter of appreciation (including certificate of authenticity). $600 gets you platinum status, which includes 90% of the gold benefits plus a test drive (on the water closest to my home).

(hotel and air fare not included)

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