Jul 15, 2009

I won't wait for you

At the rate Dave updates his blog, it'll be a while before he breaks the news. So I've decided to step to the front of the line; he bought a Hobie Mirage kayak, the Revolution (a Revo for those in the know.) It is actually pretty sweet ,you should really check this out. The mirage drive propels the kayak to impressive speeds effortlessly. Even if you're not interested in kayaks, the mechanics of this thing are impressive. While I was fumbling with my paddle, he effortlessly stayed in fishing position. Once he actually posts his update, you'll be able to see a sweet video we took of the kayak.

We went to Banner Marsh on Tuesday night to fish my Warm Pajamas . Warm Pajamas is the single lake in the country I'm most familiar with and it feels comfortable like snuggly pajamas. I haven't been there much this year because I've been trying new things. However, I will go on the record saying that Banner Marsh is the premier bass fishing destination in the area and this portion of the state park is no exception. It is fairly easy to catch bass, and extremely common to break the 3 lb mark. I've even picked up a couple Muskie here. If I spend 4 hours in my PJs and don't break the 3lb mark, I consider it a bad day.

This was not a bad day. I was fully committed to my fly rod, leaving the rest of my tackle at home. Dave had his spinner on board, but never got it out. Four fish were caught, Dave got on the board first with the one above, which bit on a popper. After seeing his success, I decided the top water bite might be on and started in with the popper too. My first fish was a tank. In this picture you can see the fish and my previously mentioned sunburn.

Shortly after hooking her on a popper, I hollered to Dave that I had one and the fight was on. While he made his way over for a photo, this fish put on a great fight. She was even strong enough to peel line from my 8wt (how was that Mel?) The fight finally ended when she buried herself in the weeds and I had to come in close to heave her up from the grass. She weighed 3.6lb and sadly the popper she took was not one of my handmade models, but a store bought bumble bee pattern.

I followed up with a couple smaller bass on the popper before the night ended. One unpredicted advantage of he mirage drive became evident as the sun set. Dave was kind enough to give me a lift back to the ramp while I relaxed in my "old fashioned" paddle powered yak.

This was a small sample of the sweet life, I need to win the lottery.

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