Jul 21, 2009

Now we can swim any day in November

Well, this settles it. After teetering on the fence for many years, I've fallen on the side of Gore. The reason? Global warming may start affecting us anglers directly.

Researchers in France and Germany looked at a number of species of fish, bacteria and phytoplankton in Europe and found that as temperatures rose, the mean body size of the organisms dropped significantly.

I guess I'll scrap my plans for El Salto this year. The warm Mexican water must really be rough on the local bass population.

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  1. In order to avoid sounding like a nut job, I feel an explanation is in order. Hopefully it's obvious I'm being sarcastic in this post, but it is not a dig at the global warming theory as you might suspect. I'm merely sick and tired of reading studies that provide half the facts. This study didn't even look at population density, or at least the article didn't mention it.
    I'm waiting for the day when I can read some actual science on the subject. Until then we have to put up with this partisan BS.


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