Jul 15, 2009

Themrsum funny looking walleyes

Scott and I made our untriumphant return to Walleye Heaven this past Sunday. We fished from 8ish until 3ish and were bound and determined to catch us some walleye. Unfortunately, we still don't know how to catch walleye accept by happenstance. We did, however, find some fish including an acrobatic bass and a good fighting pike.

It was a beautiful day for fishing, we enjoyed good cloud cover, mild temperatures and a light breeze - a deadly combination. By the time we knew what was happening sunscreen was useless.

I'm sick of coworkers asking if I "got some sun?" It will soon be over, I am peeling today.


  1. Hi i was just wondering would you by chance like to link exchange iwould be happy to puit you on my blog if you put me on yours. just give me a comment back with your answer and if its yess ill add you to my link list

  2. "Peeling" should refer to line zooming off your reel with a good fish on the other end, not to skin peeling of your shoulders. Tee Hee!

    Hope you get into sumathmeyesoon.

  3. Peeling skin is just God's way of reminding you, whilst you're slaving away at work, that you had a great day out at the weekend ;0)

  4. All good points.

    Wait for my next point to read about Mel's definition of peeling.


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