Jul 27, 2009

Through the miracle of modern engineering

It's pretty cold here in hell today because Dave finally updated his blog with the video I mentioned previously. Using skills we learned from Mythbusters The College of Engineering, we've converted this video to speed. With Dave at the helm, the kayak is capable of speeds near 3.5 mph. Given the chickenness of his legs, I'm thinking the top speed should be closer to five with a Lance Armstrong type driving.

We daylight as engineers, but our real passion is videography. The a fore mentioned video was the result of countless hours of story board creation, multiple takes and three coffee pots worth of editing. Not to mention the 3 hour wait for the daylight to strike his swim trunks just right. Click here to see the video we believe shows a Hobie Mirage Drive's speed better than anything you'll find on Youtube.

Will someone check our math too?

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