Jul 13, 2009

Wader stank be gone

My stinky wader problem has been solved thanks to a good dousing with the garden hose. I also enjoyed the unexpected benefit of finding a couple leaks. The dark spots on the left leg showed the location of some pin holes.

A wader's worth of water weighs a ton. Getting them down was trouble and I don't advise this tactic for the invalid.


  1. Anyone walking past your place must have been wondering where the other half of the bloke was.

  2. Thanks for the advice, Clif. I might have tried this technique, but, I am getting old. I may have not been able to get them down without making more holes in my waders. BTW, what happened to my link. It's gone......

  3. Mel,
    When I started I didn't think about getting them down. You could probably accomplish the same effect by just propping the should straps up on something taller than the feet.

    That is the second question I've had about links disappearing from my page. Right now I have my blog roll set up to sort the blogs by time of last post. I've got 13 blogs listed, but only 10 displayed spots so the 3 oldest don't display. As of this moment the oldest blog displayed is 2 days old and I see Idaho Fishing Notebook was last updated 10 days ago so it has fallen off the list. I'll go bump up the widget to display all 13, but you'll still be near the bottom until you post a new entry.

  4. Thanks, Clif, for checking on my link question. Looks like I had better get busy and get back to posting so I am somewhere above the bottom of the list.


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