Aug 11, 2009

Pickerel Plans Explained

I previously mentioned a pond in southern Missouri where pickerel are top dog. I never thought much of the "grass pike" we caught there until I learned they were really pickerel. I also learned what a trophy pickerel looks like and got all excited. You see, in my head I had a picture of the sizes of pickerel we pick from this pond. That picture looks like this...

When I said I had a picture in mind, this is literally the picture I was thinking of. You'll see above my Granddad on the left and his brother, Uncle Joe, on the right. They're sporting a couple fine specimens and a pair of the sweetest boots I've seen in a while.

The picture is circa 1977 and it's condition shows it. I'm happy to report that, despite the ravages of age, this picture still clearly shows the "tear drop" marking that positively identifies these fish as pickerel. I'd be set if I could just get a positive ID on the brand of those boots.

This year's quest for pickerel ended with mild success, but there will be other chances to document for you, my loyal audience, the sorts of grass pike we know of.

Sneak peak:
I found this picture during a recent trip to visit the parental units. They dug out the album that documents our annual trip to the farm over the years. What else I found in the pages will be saved for another post. Hint: old fishing pictures of your's truly.


  1. Love it.
    You can't beat them boots, either. We are related to some quality men.

  2. Unfortunately in passing down the jea...uh... genes, they decided to keep the boots.

  3. Sorry to break the news to you but those are Pike and NOT Pickeral.


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