Aug 9, 2009

This trip was mostly free of bullsh...

I went to the club yesterday. Seeing as I still have not returned the yak, I took it - why not? I ended up with a few fish - seven bass to be precise but none worth noting. The weather was wacky. It started out cloudy with lots of wind, then I got some sun as the water smoothed to glass and we rounded out the day with wind and clouds again.

This was my first visit back to the lake I first fished back in April with Scott. It looked mostly the same, but I turned left instead of right and explored the rest of the lake. I found a bull who stared for a while before facing about for a display of displeasure. I also found a 2-3 foot deep cove that will be getting some attention next spawning season. Wind makes kayaking tough, so I didn't get to explore any single area before being blown from range.

Fish were in the mood for an aggressive presentation. I caught three on a 10" Powerbait before I realized they were responding well to a quick retrieve. Switching to a chatterbait landed 4 more in quick succession, the fish seemed to be cruising 10-12 foot waters. Despite some surface explosions, I couldn't find action on my Zara Spook nor my buzzbait. As the sun came out the bite died and I got hungry.

I need to return this kayak before they make me pay for it, but I think I'll be in the market next year.

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