Sep 14, 2009

Bad Football, Tasty Flies

This weekend marked the beginning of the new NFL football season. Sunday, as I watched, my vise was smoking. I whipped up seven flies while the Seahawks whipped up the Rams.

Up first is an exact replica of a streamer I invented and had good luck with at the Snatch. The fly saw plenty of bites before being retired. After this one, you'll see a couple more with slight variations. Generally, I like the light color.

The tail is three saddle hackle feathers and some krystal flash, the body is rabbit zonker. All on a 4/0 hook. Here it is wet.

Here is a slight variation. This time I used a bunch of marabou for the body, and snuck in six peacock hurl. I also downsized the hook to a #4 Mustad streamer. Next time I tie it, I'll add more hurl.

And the last light variation. This time I used rabbit, marabou and flash for the body over a hackle tail. This one is also on a #4 Mustad streamer.

I carried the light colored theme of the night when I tied a Barr's Meat Whistle in light colors on a #1 plain shank.

And finally the coup de grace. What sort of fly tier would I be without my own mouse. Here is a very simple topwater fly to tie. What you need is a natural colored rabbit zonker strip, some fly tying foam and a hook. I simply tie on a "shaved" zonker strip for the tail, then tie in a couple strips of foam. Then I wrap the foam with the zonker strip.

This fly made it's first appearance back in January and I've since perfected it. One lesson is to use a light wire hook, I use a #1/0 Aberdeen. Also I've found Rabbit zonkers alone are a little buoyant, but without the foam core the hook is too heavy to keep this fly up. I have tried this fly with good luck as a subsurface, but adding the foam makes it deadly. You really need to tie one and see it in the water.

I'm curious if anyone has seen a mouse like that. Any name suggestions? I think Clif's Mouse will do for now.


  1. It looks like a "Fur ball" next doors cat leaves on our porch.

    "The fur ball"

    I catch more fish with a simple schlappen marabou streamer than any other fly I tie Clif. Next time try an all white one again but place a bit of red at the front.....deadly combo me!

  2. Being a former avid fly tyer (Haven't tied in 5 years or so)just wanted to comment on your streamer patterns. I think they all will do a good to great job of representing the minnow or baitfish in your area. I am also an avid fan of the color white in my lures these day. Interesting mouse pattern, should produce some good surface activity when the fish are looking up.

  3. The thing I like about tying flies is the gratification of catching fish on something I "make up." I tie a few flies from recipes (such as the meat whistle), but most are made up on the fly, pun intended. I clamp a hook and just start adding material.

    Sometimes it comes out good, other times not so much. Being the editor in chief of this blog allows me to hide my nasty stuff. That brings up the other good thing about bass... they aren't quite as picky as trout. If it moves, a bass will usually try to eat it.

  4. Nice flies. I especially like the first one. Hey, where did you find the recipe for the Meat Whistle??? I have searched high and low for it.

  5. Mr. Anonymous,
    Thank you for visiting and appreciating the flies. About the Meat Whistle, i don't have a recipe...I just looked at a picture and did my best to duplicate.

    I just did a quick google and found this. See page three for a recipe without pictures. It seems my rendition isn't very close to the real thing.


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