Sep 22, 2009

Hair spin part deux

A while ago I attempted to spin deer hair into a Dahlberg Diver. The result was terrible and ended up meeting a razor before it met the camera - I carved one instead. Last night I tried again, having learned a thing or two in the interim. The plan was to keep it simple and just get the hair to stand up - shape didn't matter...success.

It is a little thin and not perfect, but I'm happy.

And I tied this thing too....


  1. I really like the white one Clif. Leaving the hair in a ball shape like that gives the fly body. Also trapped air bubbles will trail from the fly as you retrieve it. I'm with you on this one.

  2. Thanks, I'm glad you think it will work. Like I said, I just wanted the hair to stand up...the "ball shape" was a by-product.


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