Sep 11, 2009

Highly suspicious

Ever take time to decide if you're holding a spotted or largemouth bass? I have and I have to say it's easy to forget the differences when your in the middle of a lake and have nothing but a suspicion to guide you. That's not to mention my recent troubles identifying white bass and green sunfish.

Don't fret, because help is here. I recommend you purchase a few miles of waterproof ethernet cable, a bank of lithium ion batteries and don't forget to bookmark FishIndex before your next trip. You never know what you might catch, and with the index's extensive catalog you no longer have to post an embarrassing miss identification to your blog.

I found FishIndex while cruising Blogcatalog, and I have to say I'll be back.


  1. Thanks, Clif, for the link. I found this site to be very interesting and informative. I plan on checking in on this site as time passes or when I catch a fish that I am suspicious about.

  2. Not that experienced anglers like ourselves ever need help identifying fish.

    Sounds like we have similar plans.

  3. Hey Clif. FishIndex is a great site. Thanks for sharing it. It's fun just to look at all the fish even if you don't need to identify any.


  4. Yeh! this is a great site Clif.I've been following it now for about a year and you should see some of the species they have posted. Its amazing what our fresh & saltwaters hold!


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