Sep 4, 2009

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I lied, I didn't wait for "some heavy rain to replenish my hole." Me and Hacky went back to the Snatch last night and it was good to us. Not as good as my previous solo trip but we still ended up catching four fish between the two of us.

We pulled up around 6pm and I rushed to get in the water. By the time Hacky was done buttoning his blouse and showed up wheezing at the hole, I had already missed one and caught another. I think the one I missed would have been a good one - just like all fish that get away.

I caught two smallies and a tiny bluegill, Hacky caught a tiny bronzeback. My two bass are pictured; I would have loved to post a picture of him with his little fish but he tossed it back before I could bring the camera. I think he's starting to learn a thing or two about fishing with a blogger.

I caught my first bass and got numerous nibbles on a streamer I made up after the last trip. I'm not really sure how to describe it, but I was pleased with my creation. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of it and it is now embedded in a submerged log. I think I'll tie another. Stay tuned for pictures of my new fly, I might even name this one.

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