Sep 23, 2009

Snaggingist S.O.B.

For us here at Lunker Hunt, fishing isn't all peaches and cream - as this blog might make you believe. For every grip 'n grin picture or serene landscape, there are countless moments I'd rather not share.

Above is one of those moments. It came on the Mackinaw River last weekend; Dave happened to have a camera ready. At first glance you might see me making beautifully long casts to the log on the right in front of a splendid river scene. What you really see is me using the "brute force" technique on a snag I couldn't reach, in front of a splendid river scene. If you fish with me, you'll see more of this than anything else. Worms, cranks, spinners or flies - it doesn't matter. I've even once been called "the snaggingist son of a bitch."

But hey...if you're not getting hung up, you're not where the fish are.


  1. Your not alone there, Clif! I have hung flies, spinners, and nowadays, Rapala lures in places where it would make you wonder what was I trying to do! If you don't mind, I will let you keep the moniker of the "snaggingist son of a bitch".

  2. I echo Mel's comment. I've made many comments in my blog about lost tackle and now that I'm taking up fly fishing, those "snapped" off flys that go, who knows where. I'll let you keep the Moniker too.


  3. I make a motion that this pic become Clif's new blog header. Second?

  4. Thanks for letting me keep it, I kinda like the name.

    Maybe I'll make this my blog header after I shop the line out so you can't see I'm snagged.

  5. I snagged a Rapala DT6 last Thursday. We knew there was a good pocket of fish there so I didn't want to move the boat closer so I could wiggle it free. I kept twitching it and sure enough, a little Largemouth came around and un-snagged it for me.

  6. Bill, I've experienced the opposite.
    I once had a muskie tie himself to a tree and after I set him free, we had another fight.

  7. Ha! Clif thanks for pointing me to this post. It's a great photo with a secret "you'd never guess what was really happening" message. You're right it's not alway pretty and graceful.


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